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BOA: Theatre space progress

I took a few shot of the theatre in its basic form a few weeks ago. Some of the changes to it now are amazing.

Hard to believe this theatre was just a shell a few short weeks ago.

Tune in later this week for the after pictures.

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The Electric Cinema

BOA students performed at the Electric Cinema in Birmingham earlier today to an audience of local primary schools.

Live music, animation, acting, production and installation art all happening at once. Music technology providing music performance pieces for the animation based on motif composition and collaboration amongst students. A composed midi motif was composed by the students and utilised in different genres to accompany the humorous animation for school children (hopefully posting soon).

Great little boutique cinema in the heart of Birmingham. Managed to also get a pic of the classic old 35mm projector still in use.

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BOA Music Tech – Reach

Original song “Reach” done in the first 2 weeks by BOA Music Technology students.

These guys are 2 weeks into their course at this point.

Original composition. Great work!

BOA update: Recording studio building day 1

The recording studio is starting to take shape with arrival of the studio fitters to start installing the Pro Tools HD – D Command studio.

Really can’t wait to get stuck into some lengthy recording sessions. In other news I have a pigeon hole, a career first!

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BOA 1st day in new building

It’s Saturday the 8th of October and today is the first day inside the new BOA building.

The stunning £25m development has come to a close leaving it time to fit out just how the teachers want it.

See attached for some of the photos as we start the work of preparing it for teaching music technology. Avid D command on the way!


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