Vocal Recording

Check out Stuart Eaves’s post on the recent vocal recording sessions I’ve been involved with. Some great vocals being recorded for Lauren Wright with her vocal coach Carrie Garrett from Rockstar Vox.

Link: Stuart Eaves: Vocal Recording.

Lauren Wright Vocal Recording - Lawrence Harvey (left) , Lauren Wright (cen), Carrie Garratt (right) (Picture: Stu Eaves)

Lauren Wright Vocal Recording - Lawrence Harvey (left) , Lauren Wright (cen), Carrie Garratt (right) (Picture: Stu Eaves)


This weeks recording sessions

Recording every day this week for the BOA charity cover of do they know its christmas.

I’m using a spaced pair of C414 XLS’s set to cardioid and a coincident pair (XY) arrangement of AKG c451b’s. Getting some really good recordings so far and should hopefully have some audio next week!

Another 4 recording sessions on top. 1 jazz singer, 1 R&B and 1 Pop original performances in the bag and sounding great!

Lastly a recording session at Kidderminster college last night recording acoustic guitar with Stuart Eaves for Lauren Wright. Using a coincident pair of Rode NT1A’s arranged on top of each other with a single Shure 57Beta for added clarity around the 12th fret.

See below for pictures. More audio coming soon!

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Univibe studios – Drum recording – Bass recording

Thought I’d upload a few pictures of what I did for my birthday this year.

Recording session at Univibe studios for drums for Lauren Wright’s upcoming album. What a lovely studio right next to PMT music on Birmingham’s Eastside, a real gem with a vintage DDA AMR24 inline mixing desk routed into Pro Tools HD.

My particular favourite mic was the sub kick mic for the extra LF in the kick drum (I think it was similar to a Yamaha SKRM100).

Back recording bass and guitars at home in logic with plans to mix large amounts in Pro Tools 10 when it arrives. I’m recording my bass parts DI into Logic and use amplitube amplifier modelling to get an effective sound. Lots of comping here, have a look at the screenshots in the slideshow and a listen to the rough drums and bass sample below.

Lauren Wright album coming soon, stay tuned for more info!

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Lauren Wright – Kiss Me – Video release

Further to release of Lauren Wright’s single “Kiss Me” on iTunes the music video for single has now been released!

Check it out below/ I’m lucky enough to have performed with her as bassist for her support gig at the LG arena for Britney Spears and I’m currently performing and mixing for her upcoming album.

May there be more to come! World domination is a step closer for Lauren Wright.

Lauren Wright iTunes: Click here

Lauren Wright Official Website: Click here

Lauren Wright Facebook: Click here

Supporting Britney Spears – LG Arena Birmingham

What an exciting day. A career highlight in supporting Britney Spears as bassist for Lauren Wright at the LG Arena Birmingham.

Thank you to al the people who came to hear use play and asked for pictures, autographs and took away our laminated business cards advertising her new single. We we’re lucky enough to receive VIP gallery treatment as well as a close up preview of Britney’s touring gear.

Lauren’s first Single release coincided with the gig with the single “Kiss Me” with B Side “Spark” (Music and lyrics myself and Stuart Eaves) now available from itunes. It’s been an upmost pleasure composing and recording with Lauren and the band. May there be many more singles!

Check out some of the pictures and videos from the gig!

Video from the the LG Arena

Lauren Wright promo materials

Lauren Wright LG Gig Band

Lauren Wright LG Gig Band

Lauren CD - Kiss Me

Lauren CD - Kiss Me

Kiss me crowd card

Photos from the day

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Kiss Me? : Audio Preview

For more information:

Lauren Wright: Kiss Me? itunes single

Lauren Wright official website

BOA: Jessie J and John Craig visit

What a week it’s been. As many local TV, Radio and websites have reported Jessie J made a surprise appearance to officially open the Birmingham Ormiston Academy (BOA) recording studio with BRIT Trust Chairman John Craig OBE.

These are just some of the pictures from throughout the day!

ITV: Jessie J Visits BOA

BBC: Jessie J jams with Birmingham’s Ormiston Academy pupils

Birmingham Mail: Jessie J visits Birmingham’s new £25 million fame academy

Birmingham Mail: Jessie J choices two BOA students to sing with her on stage live at the 02 Academy Birmingham! – I’m in the background of the photo!

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BOA: Recording studio construction day 2

Day 2 of recording studio construction and the D Command desk has been constructed and placed in its permanent furniture housing.

The Pro Tools HD 3 system has been set up along with Genelic monitors giving us sound for the first time!

No audio inputs yet from the live room but we’re getting there, another week or two of hard work to come to get the live room up to scratch but right now we’re all happy to play be using Pro Tools 9 HD3 via Mac Pro and D Command desk.

Stay tunned for more developments.

BOA Recording studio - D command installed

BOA Recording studio - D command installed

BOA: Theatre space progress

I took a few shot of the theatre in its basic form a few weeks ago. Some of the changes to it now are amazing.

Hard to believe this theatre was just a shell a few short weeks ago.

Tune in later this week for the after pictures.

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The Electric Cinema

BOA students performed at the Electric Cinema in Birmingham earlier today to an audience of local primary schools.

Live music, animation, acting, production and installation art all happening at once. Music technology providing music performance pieces for the animation based on motif composition and collaboration amongst students. A composed midi motif was composed by the students and utilised in different genres to accompany the humorous animation for school children (hopefully posting soon).

Great little boutique cinema in the heart of Birmingham. Managed to also get a pic of the classic old 35mm projector still in use.

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BOA Music Tech – Reach

Original song “Reach” done in the first 2 weeks by BOA Music Technology students.

These guys are 2 weeks into their course at this point.

Original composition. Great work!

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