Christmas shows

Its been a busy Christmas period music wise. I’ve been privileged enough to do the live sound for BOA’s Christmas music concert held in their lovely new theatre.

The full show included use of:

Roland FP7s digital piano (DI),

acoustic guitars (2 x Shure SM57s and DI),

electric guitars (2 x Shure SM57s)

and vocals (5 x Shure SM58s)

2 x Kustom KPC12M 12″ Monitor Speaker Cabinets

2 x Roland Cube 20-XLs

A total of over 30 seperate performances with various performers in different combinations made an extensive sound check essential. As you can see however using the Soundcraft LX7 allowed an ample amount of channels to make it happen and allow foldback monitoring using 2 of the 6 auxilary sends.

Routing CD, ipod and laptop backing tracks through the Tascam CD200i’s auxiliary insert allowed each of these unbalanced sources to appear as two mono channels on the LX7. A stereo dbx 231s was used to control monitor mix feedback frequencies obtained by a brief ringing out of the fold back system.

I’m glad to say the evening went off without a hitch. Please see the pictures and bring on the next live challenge!

P.s. Performed again with Lauren Wright this time at the River Rooms in Stourbridge! More gigs soon.


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