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Multi Program Install. PC full of apps in under 10 minutes.

Whenever you get a new machine or reininstall Windows it can be such a pain navigating all over the internet to download your favourite free software and plugins.

Not to mention the sheer amount of “next” and “ok” dialogue boxes to press and progress bars to watch. allows you to select multiple pieces of free software and generates a group installer to download and install the latest version of a wide variety of free software and install it all without need for user intervention.

Just check out the video below to demonstrate.

Have fun installing. What to do with all the time you save?


How to speed up your PC for free. How to hold off reinstalling Windows

We all know this happens with PCs the more that time goes on the slower our PCs seem to perform.

With all the program installs, uninstalls, file creation and deleting windows can become bloated with files and broken registry entries. Along with virus/malware checks Piriform’s CCleaner can help speed up an ageing PC for free.

The big secret: CCleaner

Download CCleaner for free here: Piriform CCleaner

The program is split into 3 sections: Cleaner, Registry and Tools.


Lawrence Harvey CCleaner Tools

Tools allows you to easily uninstall applications you could consider deleting as well as changing what programs start up with windows that lengthen the boot time. You’ll find that many things are hidden upon startup lengthening the time you have to wait until your machine is usable. Feel free to “disable” or “delete” any unused/unessential items in the start up tab.


Lawrence Harvey CCleaner Registry

The cleaner section allows you quick and easy access to clear those temporary folders used by windows and the web browsers installed on your system. Take care here to choose want you want to clear, click “Run Cleaner” to delete the selected temporary items.

Registry: The most crucial part!

Lawrence Harvey CCleaner Registry

After progressing through the first few steps the registry cleaning section delivers the biggest impact on improving system performance. Simply “scan for issues” and “fix selected issues” when ready. This will mainly fix conflicts in the registry allowing for faster boots and quicker response from the interface and launching software. What’s great is that it allows you the option to backup the registry before fixing issues.

Hopefully this should allow you to see a good performance increase with your PC. Paid solutions for CCleaner for use in networking are also available.

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